You go back and forth on the road everyday, to the park … but there are things that most people can pay attention to are manholes. I can not blame them. However, the manhole covers play an essential role in helping to perfect the transport system and public buildings.

In many cities around the world, such as Vancouver, Seattle, New York and Tokyo, they even have their own manholes. And if you notice, it is not surprising that you will be impressed that they are sometimes very different depending on the use of the manhole.


At present, there are two types of sewage systems: a system for use in the middle of the street and another system used in the pedestrian area. Both have very large square holes, very heavy, and want to lift up very nắp gang nắp hố ga gang cầu ga gang ( difficult. The design on these covers is common in diamonds around, the second type is the small square. Many of the hatch covers are very old, worn out, but may not be replaced.

At some locations on the road or parking lots, the manholes are designed to have appropriate grooves to collect and change surface water or rainwater flows into the sewer system while retaining the Large objects like garbage.

Most major city centers have underground power systems. Lids located on the maintenance chambers for this system contain cables, fuses, transformers or circuit breakers. They are quite large and are usually found alongside the sidewalk or near the buildings. They use “weave” design on the surface with some ventilation holes.

Similar sizes of electrical maintenance systems, are telecommunication tunnels on the sidewalk or in the middle of the road. They use a hexagonal design to identify and seal the management company in the middle.

These lids are usually located on the top of a small chamber that allows inspection and maintenance of the city’s drinking water system. They are designed with square pieces in the middle.

You may find manholes or the like on the tunnel system or other public service tunnels such as ventilation, gas …
Clear manhole cover is not just as you think!

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